Maria Charlet - Physiotherapist - Alternative Techniques
 Sound Therapy

The following is based on the interview Maria Charlet gave to the Greek magazine "Armonia", in 1999.

«Maria Charlet uses her voice and her melodies as a therapeutic method. The sound, as she explains, influences the chakras and generally the whole energy system. Combined with shiatsu it becomes an effective therapy for many problems. The results can be amazing. She goes on to say: I can have done a whole massage and nevertheless there are still some blockages. With this method, even more blockages are removed afterwards. Some people say that they have the feeling that they are "raised up" so much that they feel they leave their body and afterwards, when they return, they have found a solution to all their problems.

»This system of sound therapy is based on the "psychophonie" which was created by Marie-Louise AUCHER, after the research she did with Doctor Alfred Tomatis. According to this, she raises the voice up 3 octaves from Do3 to Do 6, and then she goes down again, using the sound "OM". These three octaves are related to the human body, from the sacrum up to the top of the head. Maria Charlet goes further and uses melodies to express the psychological state of the patient, with the aim to help him let go of all negativity in order to bring his soul to a higher level.

»As we know, body, mind and spirit have an interaction between them. With this method I "purify" the patient on the three levels. The lowest notes are related to the unconscious level, the middle notes to the emotional level and the highest notes to the mind and the spiritual level. Some people can't endure the experience of complete emptiness that this can cause. Other people can not stand the very high or very low notes. That's why I always respect the limits of the people I work with, taking care to offer them what they are ready to experience. Also I don't use this method with everybody; it depends on the capacity of receptivity of each person.
It is very important to all of us to sing, because working with the sounds we can liberate the soul. On the other hand, when our soul has some blockages, we cannot sing certain notes. For that reason, sadness is the biggest enemy for the singers' voice».


The musician Joe Tornabene has recorded Maria Charlet's voice during different therapeutic sessions and together they have created a CD with some of these melodies. This CD is not for sale, but you can hear fragments of it by clicking on the links below.

Αρχείο WMA Track 1 sample
Αρχείο WMA Track 3 sample
Αρχείο WMA Track 8 sample
Αρχείο WMA Track 10 sample
Αρχείο WMA Track 13 sample

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