Maria Charlet - Physiotherapist - Alternative Techniques

Maria Charlet is especially known as a Shiatsu practitioner, being the first to bring Shiatsu to Greece in 1976 and to teach and practice it, combining it lately with other techniques.

Shiatsu is a technique based on acupuncture. It is practiced by pressing the acupuncture points and also other specific key points. The first aim is to give a psychosomatic balance. Apart from the therapeutic view, Shiatsu can give to the therapist the awareness of the highest form of his own consciousness through the other.

In the Greek magazine "Astra & Orama" February 1998, after a meeting and personal treatment with Maria Charlet, the reporter Vassiliki Tzouraki wrote the following:

    «The request for a Shiatsu session may start because of some physical complaint and then manifest itself in a psychological problem that is behind everything. As far as I was concerned no psychological blocking came to light during the massage. Just as her hands slip over me there is a superb sensation. The pressure of her fingers, more strong in some places, less in others, range from pleasurable to relieving. I feel the tension, which up to now I was not conscious of, draining out of my body.

    »Shiatsu is ideal for stress and also for a myriad of psychosomatic problems, headaches, nervous breakdowns, insomnia, constipation, bad digestion, relieving rheumatic muscle pains, positively influencing the functioning of glands, and helping the blood circulation and the lymph glands...»

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In her Greek book "Shiatsu, Philosophy and Practice", Maria Charlet writes the following:

    «According to the tradition, massage therapy is a very deep union of two individuals, going sometimes to the highest spiritual levels. Through this state we are able to transfer our own esoteric (inner) being to the other. The more pure we are, the better we can purify the patient, because we can recharge him with the cosmic energy coming through us. At the same time, we obtain a result in return: the energy (light) we give to the others is reflected back to us...

    »I will never forget my first experience. It happened with my first patient who had insomnia. Even the strongest medication could not help him. After the first massage he went back home like a sleepwalker, and went to bed without taking any sleeping tablets. He woke the next morning after 12 hours of deep and undisturbed sleep. After the second massage with a similar experience, he declared to a common friend: "This massage has not only changed my physical state but also my inner state". This was for me a very important revelation, because it made me understand the strength that this technique contains. When the therapist who uses it offers his whole being, and when the "other" also accepts this wholeheartedly, a complete union takes place and the change happens.»

The book of Maria Charlet speaks about the Philosophy of the Shiatsu technique and contains sketches which explain the application of the technique on all the used points of the body. She also shares some personal experiences and results.

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